The Impassable Path

There are many times in life when we come to a wall in our path.  The wall seems impossible to get through.  We cannot pass through it, we cannot go over it or under it, and we cannot go around it.  We are quite literally stuck.  We are desperate to get past the wall, but we do not know how that is possible.  I have been in situations in my life when everything seemed hopeless.  I had to get out of a situation that I was in, but I had no idea how to accomplish that.  The hopelessness that sets in when we encounter a wall in our path is suffocating.  All we can think about it getting away, and when we look to the future, we see no way out.  It is a terrifying experience, and it often causes us to lose faith and think that God is no longer with us.  

I was thinking about impossible walls and was reminded of the story in the Bible about Moses.  He was leading the Israelites out of Egypt.  The Egyptians were pursuing them, and I am sure they were terrified.  They came to the Red Sea, and there was no way they could go further.  They could not go through the sea, they could not go over or under the sea, and they could not go around the sea.  Moses prayed to God and asked Him to make a way.  We all know what God did.  He miraculously parted the Red Sea and made a path for the Israelites to cross.  However, many of them were still scared to take that first step.  They had just seen this miraculous event take place and God had made a path for them, but they were still afraid.  They still did not trust that God would take care of them.  However, they finally did take that first step and followed God.  They may not have known it at the time, but they were walking toward freedom. When they all were safely across the sea, the Egyptians were still following them.  You see, they were taking the same path that God had provided for the Israelites, but not for long, because God allowed the sea to fall back in, and when it did, the enemy following them was destroyed.  

This is a story that many of us have heard in Sunday school numerous times.  It is a miraculous story that we know, but we do not think about how it could apply to our own lives.  When we come to a wall in our path, God will make a way where there seems to be none.  However, we have to have the courage and the faith to take the first step.  That is often the most difficult part.  God has made a way, but we have to follow Him.  We have to trust Him and know that He is leading us to freedom.  We have to trust that small, still voice that says, “Just follow me.  You are doing the right thing.”  It has often been said that taking the first step is the most difficult.  I believe that is true.  That first step can be so terrifying, but once we take it, the second one is a little easier.  Soon we will see that we are indeed doing the right thing and that God is leading us in the right direction.  

Once we begin walking the path that God has made for us, God will protect us from our enemies and tormentors. Once we get to the other side, we will have even more faith in God.  We will believe even more in His power and strength, and we will be stronger as well.  

So, if you are up against a wall and you have nowhere to turn, turn to God.  He will make a path for you, even when that seems impossible.  He will lead you to freedom and peace.  You just have to follow Him and have the courage and faith to take the first step.  Trust me, you will be so glad you did.  God will protect you along the way, and it will change your life.  I know it certainly changed mine.  When we walk in faith and follow in the direction that God is leading us, we will find peace, and PEACE MATTERS!