Christmas: When Our Homes Reflect the Warm Glow That We Feel in Our Hearts

Christmas has always been a very special time for me, and I know I am not alone in my admiration of the season.  It seems that all of us find a little more time to be at peace during the Christmas season.  We try harder to see the good in the world, and we strive to be at our best and do for others.  At Christmas, our homes have a warm glow from all of the decorations that we display each year.  Whenever we get our decorations out, our minds are flooded with memories of the people who purchased them or made them for us.  We can quickly recall when we first saw each decoration, and we can easily remember each Christmas that we used the item.  The peace and joy we get from each decoration that we display is so strong that we continue to add to our collection, and our homes pay homage to the Christmases of the past.  

I, like so many others, have many Christmas decorations that are near and dear to my heart.  My decorating style has changed a lot over the years, and my Christmas decorating has evolved over the years as well.  I strive for a simpler look now, and I try to use my Christmas decorations as accents to all of the other collections that I display in our home.  Jeff and I have been decorating off and on for a couple of weeks now, and while I still have a few more things that I would like to do, I thought today would be a good time to show all of you what we have done so far.  Today, I will be showing you the decorations in the living room, office, and dining room.  I really like how everything has turned out, and I hope you do too.  

As you decorate your homes this Christmas season, I hope that you will be warmed by all the fond memories that each decoration evokes in you.  I hope that you will be reminded of the Christmases that have already past, and I hope you will look forward to the Christmases yet to come.  Most of all, I hope you will focus on the current Christmas season and do your best to make this season one of the best that you have ever had.  

The spirit of Christmas that lives in all of our hearts is something that we should allow to come to the surface everyday.  We do not have to wait until December 25th to experience the spirit of Christmas.  It can help bring us peace and joy throughout the year.  Keeping the spirit of Christmas alive in our hearts, no matter the season, will bring all of us peace and PEACE MATTERS