When Our Homes Reflect the Spirit of Christmas

Today I am sharing a few more pictures of our house decorated for Christmas.  I am posting pictures of the keeping room, which is a little sitting area we have off of our kitchen.  Jeff, Peyton, Paycee, and I spend most of our time in this area.  I am also sharing some pictures of the basement.  The basement is still a work in progress.  I am trying to make it have more of an early feel similar to the upstairs.  I am not there yet, but it is a fun process.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Also, if you have not read the post I did to honor Parker, please read it.  It is called “The Gift of Life” and it will appear below this post if you continue to scroll down.  I am hopeful that as many people who can will donate to their local animal shelters, so I would really appreciate it if you would read it and share it with anyone you know who has a love of animals.

As you prepare for the upcoming Christmas Season, remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas. If we do that, we will all have a little more peace, and PEACE MATTERS!