Dreaming of a White Christmas

For as long as we can remember, we have all been dreaming of a white Christmas.  This feeling has been intensified by the popular song by Bing Crosby that we have grown up listening to.  Many of us have been experiencing unseasonable warm temperatures lately, making the chances of having the proverbial white Christmas very slim.  I have heard people talking about this and have even read posts that people have put on Facebook saying that the weather is not putting them in the Christmas mood.  We all find ourselves saying, “It will not feel like Christmas if there is no snow.”  

I have recently found myself thinking the same thing this year.  Then one morning on my way to school, I heard the song “White Christmas” and as I was driving and listening to the song, a thought occurred to me.  Do we really have to have snow on the ground in order to have a white Christmas?  I thought about the question for a moment and then decided that no, we did not need to have snow to have a white Christmas.  I started thinking about God and what He has called all of us to do during our time on this earth.  We all have a calling on our lives, and while each person’s calling may be different, we all, every single one of us, are called to make the world a better place and to help our fellowman.  

As I thought about this, I realized that when we fulfill our calling to make the world a better place and to help each other, we bring light to the world.  Then I thought to myself, “What color is the light?” and of course my answer was white.  In that moment, I realized that it is up to each of us whether we have a white Christmas or not.  We can choose to answer our calling and bring light to the world.  When we do, the world will be a better place and we will feel more positive about the world in which we live and the lives we are living. God’s love and His goodness is light and of course His light is the whitest of all, so if we have God’s love in our lives then we once again can have a white Christmas regardless of the weather.  

So, the next time you feel the urge to say that it will not seem like Christmas without snow, think of ways that you can bring light to the world.  Think of ways that you can spread the joy that God wants all of us to feel and think of ways that you can help your fellowman.  If you do that, then you most assuredly will have a white Christmas.  Spreading the light that God shines on all of us, seeing the world with positive eyes, and helping our fellowman will bring each of us peace and PEACE MATTERS.