The Dining Room

Jeff and I are in New Orleans, Louisiana with my family getting ready to leave for a cruise, but I thought I would do one more blog post before we left.  Today, I am sharing pictures of our dining room.  This room was previously the room we called the sunroom.  It is a room off of the kitchen that has the stairs that lead to the basement in it.  The entire time we have lived here, I have struggled with knowing what to do with this room.  Turning it into the dining room was a thought that we had had off and on, but we never did it.  I wish I had done it sooner, because I really like it, and it gives this room more of a purpose that it has never had before.  

When I think about the dining room and how it came to be placed in the room that it is now in, I think of how it sometimes takes years for many of us to find our purpose in life.  We often spend years trying to discover what our purpose is.  We sometimes try different things only to feel like we are no closer to finding the purpose that God has for our lives than we were when we began searching.  The thing about a purpose is that we all have one.  We have all been placed on this earth for a very special purpose.  There is nothing random about life.  We all encounter situations and people throughout our lives.  Some of these situations and people will be good for us and some of them will not be good for us, but we all learn very valuable lessons from all the experiences and people that we encounter in our lives—the good and the bad.  Life is about becoming better people.  Life is about learning the lessons that God wants to teach us, and as we grow and learn the things that God wants us to learn, we get closer to discovering our real purpose in life.  

Once we discover our purpose, it will be a lot like our new dining room; it will all make sense.  It will feel like things should have always been this way, and we will wonder why we didn’t discover our purpose sooner.  One thing we all need to remember as we are trying to discover our purpose in life is that it will come to us in God’s perfect timing.  Some of us will discover it early in our lives.  Some of us will discover it somewhere in the middle of our lives, and some of us may discover it later in our lives.  It really doesn’t matter when we discover our purpose. The important thing is discovering it and using it to make the world a better place.  We all can do that, you know.  We can all be a light in this dark world, and we can all bring happiness to others.  All we have to do is use the gifts that God has given us, and He has given all of us gifts and talents that can make the world a better place and that can show people how important God is to us and how He can change the lives of everyone on this planet.  Finding our purpose in life will help us be satisfied and fulfilled.  It will bring others peace, and it will bring us peace and PEACE MATTERS.