Lean on God

Life on this earth can be very difficult.  We all have struggles and trials to overcome.  It is impossible to find someone who has a perfect life and does not have daily struggles.  Our struggles may be different, but the feelings we have while facing them are the same.  We feel hopeless, out of control, stressed, and overwhelmed. Often we think that there is no way out, and the problems of this world begin to consume us until they are all we think about.  God does not want that for any of us.  He knows that we are going to encounter struggles, but He wants to guide us through them.  He says all we have to do is cry out to Him, and He will be there for us.  So, why don’t we do that?  

Many times, we will pray when we encounter a struggle, but often we stop there.  Prayer is a very important part of dealing with a struggle, but we need to do more.  We have to lean on God.  We have to surrender everything to Him and let Him guide us out of our struggles.  We all know people who do not depend on God.  The reason behind their independence is not that important, but they go through life not believing in anything and feeling like they are alone.  When we do not lean on God and let Him guide every aspect of our lives, it is very much like trying to drive a car that has no gasoline or paying bills from an account that has no money in it.  When we try to live our lives without God’s guidance, we are much like the car with no gas or the account with no money.  We are empty and bankrupt.  No one can live the life that they are intended to live without the guidance of God.  From an outside glance, it may look like they are doing fine.  They may have a good job, a beautiful family, a spacious house, and lots of friends, but they do not have true peace.  None of us can have true peace without God’s guidance. Once we have experienced God’s perfect peace in our lives and in our hearts, we will never again want to live without it.  

Living life when everything is good can be difficult enough, but living life when we are struggling is considerably more difficult.  We have to lean on God in all things, but particularly when we are in the valleys of life.  We often times think that God does not have time for us and that He is too busy to worry about us, but God has enough love and compassion for each of us.  God is omnipresent and omnipotent, and He can provide all of our needs.  We just have to trust Him, have faith that He can help us, and let Him guide our path.  

I cannot express to you enough how much God wants us to lean on Him.  He knows that this is the only way for us to have peace, and of course peace is the ultimate goal for everyone as we live life on earth.  We do not have to feel hopeless and overwhelmed because He is always there.  He will guide our steps, and He will hear our prayers if we just reach out to Him.  God will always give us what we need.  It may not look like what we want it to look like sometimes, but God knows what is best for us, and we have to trust Him.

So, the bottom line is this; every single one of us needs God in our lives.  Without Him we cannot adequately face the struggles of life.  We have to lean on God and let Him carry us through our trials and lead us to the place we need to be.  We have to have faith in Him and trust that He knows what He is doing.  We have to seek Him out and cry out to Him for help.  He will help us.  He wants to help us all.  He wants us to have the best life possible, and we can all have that life filled with peace if we just lean on Him.  Leaning on God will bring us peace and it will strengthen our faith.  So, let’s all start leaning on God more and more and watch what He does in our lives.  I guarantee this decision will lead you to a newfound peace and PEACE MATTERS.