Letting Go

As time has gone by, we have found ourselves getting busier and busier in our lives.  There are so many distractions in life.  We have our jobs, our families, the Internet, our phones, our friends, programs in which to participate, and events to attend.   We cannot go anywhere or do anything without something demanding our attention and urging us to take on another responsibility.  Just like many of us are collectors of things, we have become collectors of obligations and responsibilities.  Many of our responsibilities are unavoidable, and they are things that we should focus on and take care of, but when we become more and more overwhelmed by other commitments that are not necessary, our lives become too much to handle.  Many of us have mistakenly said, “I thrive on pressure, or the more I have to do the more I get done.”  We have convinced ourselves that these statements are true, so we keep going.  

Just as we think that the things we own define us we think that the obligations and responsibilities in our lives define us too.  We think that we are doing okay with all the obligations we have in life, but if most of us would be honest with ourselves, the weight of these obligations are pulling us down.  They are stressing us out and making it impossible to keep up.  We find ourselves not making enough time for ourselves, our families, and most of all God.  We spend so much of our lives trying to keep up that we do not realize how far we are falling behind.  As I have said before, God wants us to live the best lives possible.  Life is a precious gift, which most of us are throwing away on things that are not important or are not bringing us peace.  God wants peace for our lives, and we cannot be at peace if we are worn out at the end of the day because of all the activities we have participated in or stressed out from all the obligations we have had.  

What we are trying to do is fill a hole in our lives.  We all know that something is missing from our lives, and we try to fill it with things, people, and responsibilities.  What we all need is peace, and we cannot get peace by collecting responsibilities.  In order to have peace, we have to let go of the things in life that are weighing us down, stressing us out, and making us feel bad.  The more things and responsibilities we have in our lives, the harder it is to let go.  We have to prioritize and decide which things are not bringing peace to our lives and which things we can live without.  It is not easy to let go of obligations, and no one can really tell us which obligations to let go of first.  It is different for everyone.  

The best solution to the problem is to pray and ask God what we need to let go of.  He can and will guide us in making the right decision.  When we do finally begin to let go of the obligations in our lives that are not necessary, we will find ourselves having more time.  We need to fill that time by communicating with God and having a relationship with Him.  Even that really doesn’t take much of our time.  God is everywhere, so we can talk to Him wherever we are.  He is always there to listen to us, and we do not have to make an appointment to see Him.  He will guide us in what we need to do and help us decide which obligations to let go of to improve our lives.  

The bottom line is we have to reduce the stress in our lives.  We have to reduce the number of responsibilities and obligations we have taken on.  We have to give ourselves more time to talk to God and have a meaningful relationship with Him.  We have to slow down and enjoy life more.  When we do all of these things, the peace that God has for our lives will begin to find us.  We will feel so much better that we will wonder why we hadn’t done it sooner.  It will be difficult in the beginning, so we have to start slowly and take it day by day.  We have to be wise and we have to let God guide us in the things we need to let go of.  However, once we do, our lives will be so much better. We will have more energy, we will have less stress, and we will have more time for ourselves and the people we love, and we will have more time for God.  With God, all things are possible, so let’s let go and start living a new life full of hope, peace, and a relationship with God.  It will change everything, and it will lead us to a newfound peace, and PEACE MATTERS.  


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