Family Relationships

Most of what we know today about relationships and communication we learned from our families. Family is critically important and should be nurtured.  Families should always stick together and support each other.  Although this life can be difficult at times, we need to know that we have someone in our corner.  Our families should serve that purpose in all situations.  We should be able to rely on our families for whatever we need, and they should be able to rely on us as well.   

Family relationships are one of the strongest bonds that we have on earth.  We long to be with them, we want to hear from them, and we think about them constantly.  God placed all of us in families to give us companionship and to teach us about life. Where would any of us be without our families, in particular our parents?  Parents have the ability to love unconditionally.  They love their children no matter what they do, and they want to help their children in anyway they can.  A parent’s love is as close to God’s love as we can get here on earth.   Good parents will love their children unconditionally and will always strive to support them in every way possible.  

Even though we do love our families and they are the most important people on earth to us, we sometimes disagree and argue.  We can disagree, but when the chips are down, we should stick together and build each other up.  We should be able to go to our families and discuss anything.  It is our safe place, and we should always be able to find acceptance there.

God has blessed each of us with families, and we should appreciate and hold on to them no matter what.  Most of us are able to look at our families and see beyond their faults.  God has given us that ability.  We may see their shortcomings, but we love them anyway.  This ability makes us stand up for our families at all costs and to defend them when we need to.  

God wants us to have a close relationship with our families, and He wants us to depend on them, much like we depend on Him.  He wants us to support them, and He wants them to do the same for us.  God gave us families so that we could experience the kind of love that He can offer us here on earth.  

So, cling to your family, cherish them, support them, and defend them.  Always try to appreciate them and always strive to get along.  If you do have a disagreement with a family member, try to resolve the issue quickly.  Be slow to anger and quick to forgive.  We all need our families. Our families can bring us peace, and PEACE MATTERS!