Life Lessons I Learned From my Grandma: A Birthday Tribute

Ninety-one years ago today my grandma, Ruth Cutsinger, was born.  I am sure even then people knew what a special person she would grow up to be.  She was raised to believe in miracles, and she witnessed many miracles as a child growing up in the Great Depression, and those miracles continued to follow her until she drew her last breath on May 22, 2016.  She spent her life telling the stories that she collected in the 90 years, 7 months, and 10 days that she was on this earth with everyone she came into contact with.  

She wanted so much for people to be encouraged.  She wanted to show love to everyone she knew, and she wanted them to know that God was always with them.  She truly spent her life spreading the good news.  I cannot adequately say how proud I am to be her grandson.  It has been the biggest blessing of my life.  I am so glad that God gave us each other.  We truly were two peas in a pod, and we loved nothing more than spending time together and making each other laugh.  No one has ever made me laugh as much as she did, and I am not sure that anyone ever will again.  

Even though I miss her every single day, I feel her with me.  I feel her comfort me when I am discouraged, I feel her strength when I feel defeated, but most of all I still feel her love.  That will never go away.  Love never dies!  So today, I would still like to honor my grandma’s birthday. Even though her earthly body has gone away, her spirit is alive and well.  Happy Birthday grandma!  I love you! 

Jeff and I made this video to honor my grandma’s first birthday in Heaven.  The song is perfect for her because she spent her life telling her story.  I hope you enjoy it. 

When I remember all the stories that my grandma told me and I do my best to apply the lessons I have learned from her to my life, I have more peace and PEACE MATTERS