How Satan Seduces Us: Part 1

Satan wants to steal our peace.  He wants to rob us of all the blessings that God has in store for us.  He wants to keep us down so that we are not in the position to spread God’s word and be an example to a struggling world.  Satan is very cunning, and he uses trickery to seduce us.  Satan has the ability to make us think we are hearing from God or that what he is saying is something good.  Satan will never offer us anything that is good.  We may think that it is good and that the message is coming from God, but we will find out very quickly that it isn’t if we choose to go down the path that he is offering.  Satan will use anything in his grasp to trick us and convince us that we are doing the right thing or that we need to go through a certain door or down a certain path.  

One way that Satan does this is by whispering certain things in our ear that many of us have heard, read, or even said at one time or another.  For example, sometimes Satan whispers in our ear, “You only live once.”  How many of us have heard that saying or even said it at one time or another?  We use that saying to convince ourselves that we should take the plunge and do something that could turn out to be the worst thing we could do.  Satan wants us to think that we only have this life to live and that we have to make the most of it. This can cause us to do things that are not good for the people we love or for us.   

Another lie that Satan tells us is, “You only regret the things you do not do.”  We have all read this many times, but this is a bold faced lie.  If we would really stop and think about it, we would realize just how much of a lie it is.  How many of us regret things that we have done?  All of us.  We have done countless things in our lives that have led us in the wrong direction or down the wrong path, and we have regretted it greatly.  Satan uses this saying as a way to convince us to do whatever we want without thinking about the consequences.  We use this saying to make excuses for our actions, and it has gotten many of us into a lot of trouble over the years. 

Even though Satan is cunning and tries to seduce us, we can beat him and avoid the traps that he sets for us.  We can do this by having a close relationship with God and by communicating with Him every single day.  We cannot live a life of peace if we do not talk to God and listen for His voice.  He will help us make the right decisions if only we will ask Him.  God wants us to have an armor of protection around us, and He is that armor.  He will protect us from all the trappings and trickery of Satan, as long as we follow Him and talk to Him about every decision that we need to make. When we do listen for God’s voice He will lead us to things that will make our lives better.  He will lead us to peace and hope.  He will lead us to things that are far better than anything that Satan could offer us.  The things that God offers us are real, they are lasting, and they make our lives better.  

So, keep talking to God keep listening for His voice.  Continue to seek Him out and let Him help you make the right decisions.  Relying on God to help us make the right decisions will lead us to peace, and PEACE MATTERS.