The Gift of Joy: Part 3

Today is the third installment of “The Gift of Joy” series.  This week I am focusing on movies that bring me joy.  I am sure if you are like me, you have a list of favorite movies that you watch.  There are movies that we watch when we are feeling happy and ones we watch when we are feeling sad.  There are movies we watch when we are feeling good about our lives and some we watch when we are feeling discouraged.  Each of the movies serves an important purpose, and I believe that God has brought those movies to our attention to bring us joy and to help us enjoy life a little more.  I am going to tell you about three movies that bring me joy and tell you a little bit about why I chose these movies.  I hope you will enjoy my list and that it will help you to start thinking about the movies that bring you joy. 

I would love to hear about one movie that brings you joy.  I know it takes a while to leave a comment, so if you would rather, you can click on the “Contact” button above and send your response through an email.  I would love to hear from you in whatever way you choose to contact me.   

The Wizard of Oz:  I chose this movie for several reasons.  The first is the lesson that we are all supposed to learn from it.  When we watch this movie, we are reminded that there really is no place like home.  We should realize that when we look elsewhere to find happiness, it is actually in our own backyard.  It teaches us that our families are there for us even when we think they do not understand us and that they are there to support us and encourage us to dream.  This movie also brings me joy because of the many wonderful memories that it evokes when I watch it or think of it. I am from the generation who had to wait for The Wizard of Oz to be on television every spring.  I can remember seeing the advertisements for it and getting very excited.  As the air date got closer and closer, I would draw pictures illustrating my favorite scenes and imagine being a character in the movie.  When I watched it when I was very small, I would always run to the kitchen to be with my mom when the wicked witch would come on.  I was scared to death of her, but I wanted to watch anyway.  My most vivid memory of watching The Wizard of Oz is sitting in a chair with my grandma and watching the movie with her.  I felt so safe and loved as I watched my favorite movie with my favorite person.

Pillow Talk:  I chose this movie because Doris Day brings me joy.  How could she not bring all of us joy?  She is so cute and positive and tries to see the world as a wonderful place to live.  She loves animals and has dedicated her life to making sure that they are loved as much as they love us.  When I watch Pillow Talk, I cannot help but smile.  I experience a sense of peace every time I watch it, and I always feel better about things when it is over.  Pillow Talk is one of those movies that I go to when I am feeling sad.  It is impossible for me to hold on to my sadness when I see Doris Day come on the screen.  Plus, Doris Day plays an interior decorator in the movie, and well, you get the connection.

The Bishop’s Wife:  I chose this movie because it serves as a reminder to all of us that miracles happen every day.  There is not a day that goes by that God does not perform a miracle in our lives.  Many times, the miracles are small and go unnoticed, but they are there nonetheless.  This movie also teaches us that God does have angels that assist us here on earth.  We may never actually come face to face with them as the characters in the movie do, but they are there.  I believe that God has assigned all of us an angel, or in some cases many angels, to protect us and to bring us comfort.  This movie also teaches us that we have to believe that there is a plan for our lives and that God has everything under control.  It also teaches us that many times we get wrapped up in the material things in life when what we should focus on is the love that we share with the people in our lives and the goodness that we can do for others.  

So, as you can see, each of these movies is quite different.  However, for me, they are very similar.  They fill my heart with joy, they remind me that God is in control, and they bring back fond memories of my life and the people who have made my life better.  God can use a multitude of things to make our lives better.  He can use a simple movie to help us be at peace.  He can use a movie to teach us a valuable lesson.  All we have to do is to look for the joy in everything we do, hear, or see.  The joy is there waiting for us; we just have to be ready and willing to accept it.  Having joy in our lives, even in the simplest of things, will bring us peace and PEACE MATTERS.