The Choices We Make

We have decisions to make every single day.  Many times we make them easily and without even thinking, but there are other times when we have to make difficult choices, and we really are not sure what we should do.  When we face a difficult decision, we can become weighed down by the choices we need to make.  We become so afraid that we will make the wrong decision that we become almost paralyzed, so we keep putting off making the decision for as long as we can which allows the difficult decision to consume us, and we begin to experience stress and a lack of peace.

Perhaps we have made bad choices in our lives and the fear of repeating a bad decision haunts us, and we struggle making even the smallest decision. We all look to others to help us make decisions and choices.  Sometimes we rely on the right people who give us sound advice, yet other times we rely on the wrong people who advise us poorly or with selfish intentions.  The best thing for all of us to do is to allow God to help us make the choices and decisions that we have to make in life.  

In the beginning, we will have to make a conscience effort to include God in our decisions, but eventually doing so will become a natural part of every decision that we make.  God wants us to consult Him about every decision, the big and the small.  No decision is too small or too big for God help us with.  When we allow God to direct us, our lives will be more peaceful, and we will make better decisions.  When we make God a part of our decision making process, we no longer have to be afraid of making the wrong decision.  God will always lead us in the right direction, and He will never tell as to do something that will not be in our best interest.  

It is very important that we are obedient and do what God says.  There will be many times that we will agree with Him and we will understand why He is telling us to do what He is telling us to do.  It is during these times that it is very easy to take His advice and to be obedient to Him.  However, there will be times when we may be confused by what God is telling us to do.  We may even feel like He is making a mistake or that we are not hearing Him correctly.  God wants us to be obedient even in these circumstances.  God can see the entire picture, and He knows how every single decision we make is going to affect the rest of our lives.  It is during these times that we have to trust Him and realize that He has everything under control.  I know that can be very difficult, but our faith and trust in Him will help us to be able to do as He asks. 

So, if you are struggling with making a decision in your life, even if it seems like a small decision, take it to God and let Him guide you.  Get in the habit of letting God guide all of your decisions and seek out His advice about everything.  It will restore peace to your life and PEACE MATTERS.