Everyone Has a Purpose

We all have a purpose and a calling on our lives. I want you to let that sink in for just a second and hear it again.  EVERYONE has a purpose and a calling in life, and that calling comes from God.  We all find ourselves searching for that purpose.  Many of us have searched for our purpose for years.  We have tried different things only to end up not feeling fulfilled or important.  We have searched so long, sometimes completely unaware that we are searching, only to become more and more frustrated.  The only true way to find our calling is by allowing God to help us recognize it.  

God tries to talk to all of us in different ways.  How one person hears from God may be totally different than how another person hears from God.  How we hear from God is not that important.  The important thing is that we do hear God’s voice and that we try to be obedient to the things that He is asking us to do.  God wants to lead us to our intended purpose, and He can and will do that if we begin listening to His voice and letting Him guide our steps.  

Discovering our calling can be difficult and we often do not understand what it is.  We will know that we are living our purpose because it will bring us pure joy and fulfillment.  We all have jobs, responsibilities, and duties in life.  These may or may not overlap with our calling.  Being a mother, a teacher, or a nurse may be our job and for some of us our calling as well.  There may be some of us who have jobs that allow us to pay the bills but they may have nothing directly to do with our purpose and calling.  Being a musician, artist, writer, blogger, minister, or motivational speaker may be our purpose.  

We may never earn a living doing the thing that God has called us to do, but none of us knows how what we are doing may help someone else or make them happy.  Many of us have been called to make others feel better or happier in life, and we can do this by sharing our gifts and talents that God has given us with others.  We all have a gift or a talent.  We all know that deep down, but we often think that our talent or gift is not good enough to share with others.  When we do share our gift or talent with others, we do not always know just how much it has helped someone or made them happy.  It is virtually impossible for any of us to know how many people’s lives we have touched.  Although we do not always get the feedback that we crave for whatever reason, we should continue to use our gifts and talents and share them with others despite how much recognition we may receive from others.  

One of the most important things in life is to discover God’s calling on our lives and to use our talents to make the world a better place.  We all have that power within us.  We all have the power to change the world and to bring happiness to the people in our lives.  God has imparted gifts to each of us, and we need to use those gifts to bring happiness to others.  We should all make the most of what we have been given, and we should never think that what we have been given is not significant.  We may actually surprise ourselves when we start using our gifts to help others and we begin to see how happy others are because we have shared our gift with them.

Finding our purpose and our calling will ultimately lead all of us to peace.  Once we find our purpose and calling we will no longer feel that something is missing from our lives.  We will no longer search aimlessly for our purpose only to end up feeling increasingly empty.  God is the only way to fill the void in our lives, and God can fill that void with so many different things for all of us.  Just imagine what a better place this world would be if all of us felt at peace and fulfilled.  It would truly be a better and more peaceful place, and PEACE MATTERS.