The Joy of Knowing

We all have had times in our lives when we have felt alone.  We have found ourselves thinking that we have nowhere to turn and no one to talk to.  We have felt isolated, and we have felt like we are walking through life with no one to guide us or help us through the difficult times.  God wants all of us to know that He is our constant companion.  God has been with us since the beginning of our lives, and He will be with us until the end of our days.  He will never leave our side, and He will never turn His back on us.  If we can truly understand this and believe it, we never have to feel like we are alone again.

When we live our lives with this knowledge, it should bring us the utmost peace and comfort.  It is true that we may never understand all the things that happen to us during our lives, but God always has a plan and a way to help us overcome any and all adversity that we will face.  God wants us to view Him as our best friend.  Many of us have been taught that God is something that we should fear.  We should never be afraid of God.  We should see Him as someone who loves us unconditionally and someone who always wants the best for us.  We should all remember that we can talk to God about everything that happens to us. God wants us to come to Him like we do a friend.  He wants us to share our thoughts and get his advice on all the decisions that we make.  Knowing that we can do this should fill all of us with joy because we can always count on Him for anything we need.  God will always be with us, and He will always guide us through our lives.  When we finally do realize that this is the type of relationship that God wants to have with all of us, it will truly change our lives.  

I know that it took me years to realize that God wants to be my friend.  I remember the day that I finally made that connection, and I cannot tell you how it changed my life.  I find myself talking to God every day, and I miss getting a chance to talk to Him when life seems too busy.  I truly view Him as my friend, a friend that I can always depend on, a friend who is never too busy for me, and a friend that will always give me sound advice.  I find myself seeking out his opinion about everything that I do.  I find myself telling Him about the good things that happen during my day and about the bad things that happen.  I find myself longing to hear from Him and wanting Him to guide every step that I take.  

I no longer feel alone.  I can truly say that I feel His presence with me everywhere I go.  I know that He is walking with me and that He is always listening to me, even when I am not directly speaking to Him.  I do not worry as much as I used to about decisions that I have to make because I know that He will help me make the right decisions.  God truly does have everything under control, and He will always guide us to make the right decision.  

God even has a sense of humor, and He wants us to laugh and enjoy life.  He wants us to be happy, and He wants us to have fun. God wants us to talk to Him about the things we like and even get His opinion on the activities in which we participate.  God wants to be a part of our daily lives.  He does not just want to see us on Sunday; He wants to see us every single day.  He wants us to talk to Him like He is our friend.  That is really what God is.  He is the best friend that any of us can have. 

So, if you find yourself feeling like you are alone and like you have no one to talk to or to turn to, start talking to God.  He is right there next to you.  He is waiting for you to say something.  You are not alone.  You are never alone.  Let that sink in for a moment while I say it again.  You are never alone!  God is with you.  He is with you right now.  He is with you at work, at the grocery store, in the car, and while you are cooking dinner.  He is everywhere you are and you can talk to Him anytime you want and He will talk back to you.  That should fill your heart with joy and peace and that should make you feel so much better about life.  God does not want us to feel like we are alone.  He wants us to allow Him to occupy a big part of our lives, and He wants us to find the joy that comes from knowing that we are never alone and that we can turn to him for anything.  So, talk to God.  He is sitting there right next to you right now waiting on you to talk to Him.  Do not be afraid of God.  He knows everything about you, and He still loves you.  You should never feel ashamed or afraid to talk to God.  It will bring you peace, and PEACE MATTERS!